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I’m proud to welcome  DJ Damian to our roster. I’ve known Damian since 1990, when he was starting out as a teenage mobile  DJ, working hard to master the technical skills of Hip Hop DJing...mixing, scratching, and beat juggling.  I have witnessed Damian grow as a DJ during our mutual  residency at Barrio Club / Bar from 2011 to 2014, I also noticed a genuine love for playing to the crowd and providing the right musical selections for the type of crowd and vibe of the event. His ability to read the room, coupled with a deep knowledge of various musical genres is one of the most essential skills a DJ can have. So I’m happy to help him take the next step from doing mobile and club DJ gigs to becoming a professional event DJ under the Better DJs umbrella 


Damian kept the crowd rocking all night, his DJ mixing skills were total class and he knows his tunes, we gave him our playlists and he mixed the songs perfectly and complimented the music with tunes that kept us dancing all night! Highly recommended... Jake S. May 7, 2022

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