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posted 10/26/2020 by Brianna W (updated 09/22/2021 )

10/10, could not imagine a better DJ for a wedding. Freddy brings the energy and he really brings the dance floor to the next level with the mixing he does. Freddy exceeded our expectations in every way. He was timely with communication, setup 2 hours early at our venue, and put on the best wedding DJ show we have ever experienced!!!! This is a man who has mastered his craft and is an expert at gauging the dance floor. Freddy isn't afraid to change songs if one isn't a hit with the party, but he mixes in a new song so seamlessly that people were raving to me all night how great he is at keeping the dance floor packed. He is organized ahead of the wedding, but also accommodating for special requests during. He spaced out all our must-have songs throughout the night. My only complaint is I was getting tired from being out on the dance floor so much!!! When the end of the night was approaching, everyone wanted to keep going. I asked if we could extend another half hour and Freddy was happy to keep the party going. We got so many compliments from our wedding about the DJ. We couldn't be happier with Freddy Fresh.


posted 12/10/2021 by Becca S

Freddy Fresh was not only extremely professional & responsive, but he kept guests on the dance floor the entire night! I would hire Freddy all over again for any event. He even put together a custom mix for my dad & I very quickly and we had an absolute blast! Thank you Freddy for a stress-free, fun night!

posted 09/21/2021 by Saakje H

Freddy was the perfect person to DJ our wedding. From the first call we had with him while booking to the end of our wedding night, he was a pleasure to work with. We didn’t give him a whole lot of direction other than the vibe we were going for and he understood what type of music to play perfectly. All of our guests had something that brought them to the dance floor, and we (the bride and groom) didn't leave the dance floor once. Such a great DJ!!!!

posted 09/16/2021 by Karaline S

DJ Freddy Fresh was amazing! He was professional, responsive and flexible when we had to change venues. He kept the dance floor packed all night!!

posted 09/15/2021 by Stephanie O

Freddy Fresh was amazing at our wedding. We had so many compliments from guests and staff on his song selections and mixing abilities. His professionalism and follow through was outstanding. His communication was timely and detailed. The online song portal was very useful while planning out big day. If you want to have a carefree and fun wedding make sure to hire Freddy for your event!!

posted 08/10/2021 by Jennifer Y (updated 01/14/2022 )

Freddy was awesome and so fun to work with! He made sure people has a blast and got many dancing. Freddy even helped us make this mashup song for our flashmob dance. I loved how I was able to contact him anytime and go through things. Definitely recommend Freddy over any big DJ company since you get to work with him personally early on.

posted 07/31/2021 by Rebecca J

Freddy was absolutely amazing! We had people on the dance floor the entire night!! The dance floor was always packed. Fred is timely and efficient .

posted 07/12/2021 by Kari V

Freddy was a PRO. He made our special day even more special. We danced all night long! He worked with us from the beginning, accommodating the dances and songs we previously requested to be played. He also had a great music selection and was on point with the announcements on the mic. We will recommend him in the future!

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